I often get the question when meeting with new clients who have been injured in a car accident or motorcycle accident, how is the money I get from the insurance company determined.There are certain "damages" that people are entitled to if they have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident or other injury accident case.

The term "damages" means the financial or monetary equivalent that is necessary to measure and compensate for your losses. Generally, there are two measures of damages; economic or "special" damages, and non-economic or "general" damages.

1. Economic damages: Economic damages are financial losses that are experienced by the injured person. They most usually consist of past and reasonably certain future medical expense, and past and reasonably certain future income losses, and diminution of earning capacity. Assorted additional elements that frequently are included in economic damages include transportation, and household help incurred during a period of disability, and damage to property.

2. Non-economic damages: These damages cannot be financially quantified, and usually include things such as pain and suffering, loss of use of a body part, loss of enjoyment brought about by a change of lifestyle, and mental and emotional upset caused by any of these aspects.

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