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Distracted Driver on Trial for Cyclists' Deaths

A man who hit and killed two bicyclists with his pickup truck in San Antonio, Texas, in 2009 is now on trial for negligent homicide, according to court documents.

On trial is 43-year-old Gilbert John Sullaway Jr., who may be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison if convicted of two counts of criminally negligent homicide with a deadly weapon.

The charges were filed over the deaths of two bicyclists, Gregory Bruehler, 42, and his wife, Alexandra, 36, who were riding a tandem bicycle on a popular highway for cyclists when they were struck and killed by Sullaway's vehicle.

Prosecutors claim that Sullaway was speeding and was looking at a new fire station that had recently been built alongside the highway, rather than the road, at the time of the crash.

Sullaway's attorney alleges that the incident was a tragic accident, not a crime, and that his client should not be punished for it.

Sullaway was not charged until almost a year after the accident, which caused an uproar among cycling enthusiasts in San Antonio.