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Airbag Manufacturer Named in GM Ignition Switch Recall Suit

A lawsuit filed this week against General Motors Co. involving defective ignition switches in GM vehicles names Continental Automotive Systems US, the manufacturer of the vehicles' airbag systems, as a defendant.

The suit was filed in federal court in California, marking the first ignition switch lawsuit to name Continental as a defendant.

This is the latest in a wave of lawsuits that have been filed against GM over the defective ignition switches, which have been linked to 13 deaths.

The ignition switches can easily move from the "run" position to the "accessory" position when bumped or jostled, which causes the engine to cease running, disables the vehicle's power steering and power braking systems, and deactivates airbags.

To date, over $2.6 million GM vehicles containing faulty ignition switches have been recalled.